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Tickets go on sale today at 12PM local time! 10/12/14 San Francisco, CA (The Fillmore) Buy Tickets10/13/14 West Hollywood, CA (Troubadour) Buy Tickets10/14/14 Los Angeles, CA (The Fonda Theatre) Buy Tickets10/17/14 Philadelphia, PA (Trocadero Theatre) Buy Tickets10/19/14 Boston, MA (Paradise Rock Club) Buy Tickets10/20/14 New York, NY (Irving Plaza) Buy Tickets10/22/14 Sayreville, NJ (Starland Ballroom) Buy Tickets10/23/14 New York, NY (Webster Hall) Buy Tickets

Tickets go on sale today at 12PM local time!

10/12/14 San Francisco, CA (The Fillmore) Buy Tickets
10/13/14 West Hollywood, CA (Troubadour) Buy Tickets
10/14/14 Los Angeles, CA (The Fonda Theatre) Buy Tickets
10/17/14 Philadelphia, PA (Trocadero Theatre) Buy Tickets
10/19/14 Boston, MA (Paradise Rock Club) Buy Tickets
10/20/14 New York, NY (Irving Plaza) Buy Tickets
10/22/14 Sayreville, NJ (Starland Ballroom) Buy Tickets
10/23/14 New York, NY (Webster Hall) Buy Tickets


U.S. Shows Announced!

Gerard is playing a string of headline shows in the U.S. in October. Tickets go on sale this Wednesday, August 27.

10/12/14 San Francisco, CA (The Fillmore)

10/13/14 West Hollywood, CA (Troubadour)

10/14/14 Los Angeles, CA (The Fonda Theatre)

10/17/14 Philadelphia, PA (Trocadero Theatre)

10/19/14 Boston, MA (Paradise Rock Club)

10/20/14 New York, NY (Irving Plaza)

10/22/14 Sayreville, NJ (Starland Ballroom)

10/23/14 New York, NY (Webster Hall)

Ticketing and on sale info here:

Pre-order Gerard’s debut album Hesitant Alien now at and also on iTunes and Amazon. Hesitant Alien lands September 30.



"Hesitant Alien" available for pre-order NOW!!

Gerard’s debut album, Hesitant Alien, lands September 30th and you can pre-order the exclusive deluxe bundle now.

The Hesitant Alien Deluxe Bundle includes a t-shirt, a limited edition Hesitant Alien handmade zine (only 5k printed), and the album. The first 2,000 orders will also receive a Hesitant Alien button pack. All orders will get an instant download of the new songs  “Action Cat” and “No Shows.” Click HERE to pre-order now.

Hesitant Alien is also available for pre-order on iTunes and Amazon.

Watch the new music video for “No Shows” now at

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No Shows

Been weeks I been living and your smiles are giving me all types of treble

Weak knees I been given and those nights are making me star-struck and metal

Stay free
Don’t go
Cuz we don’t need no

Try to be living as your vice and can you be my type?

Cuz we need to be given a good life and can I be your type of metal?

Stay free
Don’t go
Cuz we don’t need no shows

We don’t need no shows
We don’t need no shows

Pay for the devil a plug to a pedal I’m your type
Weak knees from the level I’m sick from the treble I’m your type of metal

Weak knees don’t go
Cuz we don’t need no shows

She’s sweet as battery, man I got nothin
You kiss an enemy’s hands, I got nothing
We got an animal band and that’s something
It’s not love if it’s just fucking

We don’t need no shows




Former My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way will release his debut solo album, entitled Hesitant Alien, on September 30th via Warner Bros. Records. The new album will be available for pre-order at all digital retailers beginning Tuesday, August 19th. Exclusive album bundles will also be available for pre-order on on the same date. Fans who pre-order the album will receive the track “No Shows” instantly as a free download. The music video for “No Shows” will also be released on August 19th. Please see below for the full track-listing.

Working with producer Doug McKean, Way knew immediately what he wanted Hesitant Alien to sound like. “I wanted to make the small things sound big,” he says. “My intention was to make 100 percent uncompromised art, using the currently least radio-friendly instrument, the guitar. I knew there would be lots of fuzz pedals. I knew I would play Fender instruments. I knew I would look at who my guitar heroes were in art school, Mary Timony and Carrie Brownstein, and I drew a lot of influence from shoe-gaze and Britpop. I want the record to sonically galvanize people.”   Hesitant Alien was mixed by Tchad Blake (Arctic Monkeys, Black Keys).

Lyrically, Way wrote about what he knew at the time, “which was struggle, beginnings, finding a newness in the mundane and the abstract,” he says. “I looked to the Britpop poets like Jarvis Cocker and Damon Albarn, drawing upon every day life. I also experimented with the abstract, and looked at Frank Black’s work both with the Pixies, and as a solo artist. There was no concept and no call-to-arms.

Fans will get their first listen to some of the songs on Hesitant Alien when Way performs his first solo shows at the Reading and Leeds Festivals in England. He will perform at Reading on August 22nd and at Leeds on August 23rd.

Listen to “Action Cat” here.

The track-listing for Hesitant Alien is as follows:

Action Cat
No Shows
Zero Zero
Drugstore Perfume
Get The Gang Together
How’s It Going To Be
Maya The Psychic


Photo credit: Eric Ray Davidson


The Zine

One of the things I learned over the years is that projects grow and change, and you need to be prepared to change with them, providing a new structure for them to stand on.

About 4 months ago, one of the ideas kicking around was a special edition version of Hesitant Alien, and like usual- it was ambitious (maybe a little overly so) and elaborate. Lola played a key element in it, but as time went on and deadlines loomed, the complex nature of the boxed set required more lead-time than we had. And I would rather get my music out there than wait around for factories to turn around art-objects. I also felt that, for this particular album, since I had already done so many things differently than in MCR, I would also handle the launch differently.

Easy peasy pumpkin peasy.

Instead, we thought of doing bundles, which would possibly include some of the elements of the original boxed set. One of them was a zine called The Baby Animal Hospital, which you will learn more about in the zine I’m about to talk about.

To commemorate Hesitant Alien I am doing a zine specific to the album title. It will include a number of things and also, a look into my creative process. Drawing upon notes, mock-ups, and unseen sketches, thoughts. I am hoping the zine will provide some insight into what Hesitant Alien became, and how it got there. But more than a “making of” booklet, it will also contain other art, poetry (a zine has got to have bad poetry), and observations. This first issue will only be available in a bundle, with a limited print run.

I may do future issues with the same title, with Hesitant Alien being a continuing zine, or I may start a brand new one, for some reason I have really been wanting to do a Science Fiction zine so the title fits. I would do these about quarterly, and they would be available on the web, possibly with special printings and color-ways sold only at shows.

If it’s your kind of thing, I’m making it now. 



Gotta Have My Batman!


Gotta Have My Batman!



Time to hide Jon Snow. Winter is coming. #moonarthunt #sdcc #wondertwinsworldtour


Time to hide Jon Snow. Winter is coming. #moonarthunt #sdcc #wondertwinsworldtour



Oh Christ, It’s This Asshole Again


Oh Christ, It’s This Asshole Again

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