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Welcome to the site!


I am beyond thrilled to finally have a place to share everything I make.

I imagine you’ll see/hear everything from blog posts to images, art, drawings, music, big projects and small projects, looks into things, under things, behind things, and in front of them. This will also be the place to come for news on anything related to my ride into the next part of my life. I’d rather just start moving so I’d like to say thank you for stopping by, check me out on twitter @gerardway and please follow my friend, traveling companion, and news-broadcaster Lola on twitter, @lolaplusg for updates and info.

Oh, this is probably the best place to announce it so-

I am continuing full-steam into comics, art, and more importantly to some of you- music. I am pleased to let you know I am now signed as a solo artist Warner Bros. Records. My album is near completion, and you should expect to hear things in the near future, even today actually- with a brief snippet of what is to come. I am excited. It’s starting again-


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Warner Bros Records
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Burbank, CA