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September 28,2016

Morning Pages

Saturday night was wonderful. To be on stage with friends and sharing art and performance was truly a gift. The Henson Company has always been one of my favorite creative collectives, and the films of Jim Henson had an enormous impact on me as a child. I can't imagine anything like The Dark Crystal being made today, it almost seems an impossibility. It felt nice to do something for such a great organization, and I knew the lay of the land pretty well, as we had recorded there for months at one point. It was nice to build some new positive memories onto the place. And to receive the honor of performing a David Bowie song (2!) is an amazing feeling, as he was so important to me.
I have a headache today, I think from staying up too late last night (as I go to bed rather early these days being a parent) and overall excitement overload. I must write today-- always writing but I do love it. I think Saturday was the first time I have performed live in a long time, it felt good.
Dreamlike. Spectral horses thunder the desert floor, careening into the army from the south. Man I really have to shake the dust off today, head feels heavy and sore. I probably need some water. I should probably stop pounding coffee.
I like waking up early.