Submitted by LolaPlusG on Wed, 09/14/2016 - 12:13
September 14,2016

Welcome back. It has been some time. I hope you like what we've done with the place, and you will be seeing more updates in a kind of visual-magazine, as you all know I'm a big fan of zines. I've kept my head down all summer writing comics books and working on new music. Both are extremely exciting for me. I look forward to seeing you during this new phase and journey.

My day starts- I wake up. I write my morning pages. The morning pages are very important to me because it gets my brain in the right place to begin my work. You should look them up-- I was first turned onto them from a book called The Artist's Way. You basically commit to waking up early and writing three or so pages. This clears out all of the ghosts. It is very much stream of consciousness for me. Sometimes it is fictional, sometimes I am scolding myself, and sometimes I take a look around this wonderful life I have of spending time with my family and making art and I am grateful- I pour that into the pages. I pour anything I can into the pages.You should try some morning pages of your own if you don't do it already.

My goal in spending some time in the comic world again has been to restart my creativity, switching mediums for a time in order to make music with a fresh brain. We could all use a fresh brain sometimes. I'm really proud of all the books on Young Animal and I do hope you check them out, as I find all creativity in all mediums to be very connected, like writing Black Parade with the band and at the same time writing the first Umbrella Academy series-- there are connections and insights and clues in there. They are companions in a way. The music, art, and writing all become pieces that join, and I look forward to connecting more points through more mediums, as there are some I haven't yet fully explored.

I feel like this is a time for output, and less of a time to be social in a digital sense. I also want to explore the ways one could alter things in a real world sense as opposed to digital. To make more physical things. Things that come from daydreams. I have also decided to take this time to look inward and see what I can improve, see how I can keep evolving. I feel like I am finally starting in a lot of ways, even though I jumped right into a solo project after MCR ended. I still felt I was part of a continuing cycle at that point- I never really got off the train. A lot of things feel new now, and with new things sometimes there is a new self, though we try and keep the good parts.

So, welcome back, I hope everyone is doing what they want, or making the art they want to make. And if you aren't at that point yet, I wish you all the best on your journey. And lots of luck.

See you soon,