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  • April 05, 2020

    This was something Doug and I threw together for the release of Umbrella Academy Volume Three: Hotel Oblivion. Just something short for an instagram video. We did this really quick, didn’t give it much thought other than trying to make something that sounded a little like The Stooges. A few...

  • April 04, 2020

    Hey all, with all this uncertainty I just wanted to start uploading some unreleased stuff. Just so people can check it out and have something to listen to. Just felt like sharing. I think I have a bunch of this stuff, as Doug and I have been recording little bits here and there over the years....

  • November 14, 2019

    Collapser #5 & Far Sector #1 are available online and in shops now!

  • August 14, 2019

    Collapser issue 2 is on stands and online now! This issue is even better than the first! Lots of fun stuff in this one! Online and in shops now!



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